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My Research


Professional Background

I have completed my Masters degree at the University of Strathclyde. This course is recognised amongst the genealogical community and requires time and dedication to complete. The aim of the degree is to produce
professional genealogists who have transferable skills in:

  • Communication and Presentation

  • Problem-solving and Creativity

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Project Planning and Organising

  • Personal Development

  • Professional Development

The course teaches research techniques and skills in genealogy, palaeography and heraldry, giving students the all round tool kit to investigate family histories as far back as the medieval period and transcribe documents that are difficult to read, including those written in Latin. As a student member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists (RQG) I have a network of colleagues who have diverse backgrounds and areas of research expertise. We all adhere to the Professional Code and have a vibrant forum where we exchange news, ideas, research conundrums and assistance for difficult projects. The course also covers modern technology such as DNA genealogy and brick wall solutions using those DNA results.

Projects I Have Covered

Projects I have covered include:

  • Reports for clients based in: Scotland with Canadian influences, Lowestoft with a strong seafaring history and Gloucestershire with a military background. All these client reports have been well 
    received and discovered unknown stories for the family to explore.

  • A DNA research project where a birth certificate gave a Scottish father but on completion of a DNA test kit, the individual was 50% Italian. They never knew their father and all they wanted was a
    photograph of him. I was able to trace a living family member who was happy to supply one.

  • A 16,000 word dissertation researching British military personnel held in Japan from their Prisoner of War registration cards. The study explored an often overlooked primary source to challenge popular media portrayals and investigate the diverse experiences of the many, not the generic few.


I have always had an interest in history and own a growing library of books on military history, family history and social history. I can take on most research projects but if I do need help, I know where to look for it!

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Research Package

All research is carried out to produce correct, well-indexed, properly assembled material with all facts checked and referenced and all records presented neatly and accessibly.

The report can be in Word or pdf format, with pedigree charts, family group sheets, maps, colour coded areas for maternal or paternal lines, a bibliography of sources or websites accessed and includes negative searches, surname variations, explanations of difficulties encountered and areas of further research if desired.


A weekly newsletter is provided , called Crumbs from the Old Biscuit Tin, to keep you informed and up to date on project progress. Depending on the package selected, timescales vary from 3-4 weeks for smaller projects up to 8-10 weeks for large ones. You will be updated in the weekly newsletter on the progress of the report. I will also follow up the report after a few months to offer any help, advice or commit to further research if needed.

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